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Tim Dean's (English) response to Jennifer Doyle's lecture, "Sex, Paranoia, and the Workplace" is now live on Kritik.As always, we welcome your responses.

James Treat's (Religion) "A State with No Budget (with apologies to America)" is now live on Kritik. We welcome your comments.

Gabe Malo's (ICR) and elizaBeth Simpson's (ICR) response to the Unit Distinguished Faculty Lecture by Anita Say Chan (MACS/ICR), "Technological Futures and Networked Time at the Periphery" is now live on Kritik. As always, we welcome your comments.

Listen to Niala Boodhoo's interview with Jay Rosen, recorded live at his Unit-hosted lecture.

The Unit is inviting UIUC faculty to apply for one of two different Unit for Criticism faculty fellowship programs.