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The newly formed Critical Technology Studies Collective brings together a group of faculty from the social sciences, humanities, and fine and applied arts with overlapping interests in technology and new media. As an emerging interdisciplinary venture, the CTSC is experimental, reflective, and creative in spirit and aims to promote critical engagement with technology in historical, contemporary, and diverse cultural contexts.

The Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory is pleased to announce this year’s competition for Nicholson Graduate Student Fellowships which sponsor two affiliated students to attend the 2017 School of Criticism and Theory at Cornell UniversityPlease click here for more information, guidelines, and to submit your application. 

Once again, the Unit for Criticism will provide travel grants to support conference paper presentations for Unit student affiliates. We are now soliciting applications for travel support for conferences taking place between September 2016 – June 2017. The following outlines the application procedures...

Alex Jong-Seok Lee's (Anthropology) response, "Racial Formation Theory Revised (with Semi-Hostile Amendments)" to Paul Taylor's lecture, "What is Philosophical Race Theory?" is now live on Kritik. As always, we welcome your comments.

Ethan Madarieta's (Comparative and World Literature) response, "Making Haunting Matter" to Mishuana Goeman's lecture, "Electric Lights: Tourist Sights: Gendering Dispossession and Colonial Infrastructure at the Niagara Fall Border" is now live on Kritik. As always, we welcome your comments.