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Congratulations to the winners of this year's Nicholson Graduate Fellowship. The fellowship covers the costs of tuition, accommodation, and travel to attend Cornell School of Criticism and Theory's six-week summer seminars in critical theory:

Eman Ghanayem (English)
Peter Thompson (History)

We are glad to announce the creation of the Critical Technology Studies Collective through the Unit for Criticism. It brings together a group of faculty from the social sciences, humanities, and fine and applied arts with overlapping interests in technology and new media. As an emerging interdisciplinary venture, the CTSC is experimental, reflective, and creative in spirit and aims to promote critical engagement with technology in historical, contemporary, and diverse cultural contexts. Immediately, the CTSC is planning a lecture series, faculty-graduate seminar, and conference for 2017-18, but we also hope over the long term to lay the groundwork for a program of study in the field. The members of the collective are Jodi Byrd (English/GWS), Anita Say Chan (ICR), Ben Grosser (Art and Design), Kevin Hamilton (Art and Design), James Hay (ICR), Susan Koshy (English/Asian American Studies), Trish Loughran (English), Isabel Molina (ICR/Latina/o Studies), and Therese Tierney (Architecture).

The Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory is pleased to announce this year’s competition for Nicholson Graduate Student Fellowships which sponsor two affiliated students to attend the 2017 School of Criticism and Theory at Cornell UniversityPlease click here for more information, guidelines, and to submit your application. Applicants must submit all application materials online. The deadline for the application is January 17, 2017, at midnight. 

Once again, the Unit for Criticism will provide travel grants to support conference paper presentations for Unit student affiliates. We are now soliciting applications for travel support for conferences taking place between September 2016 – June 2017. The amount awarded each affiliated student will depend on the number of entries submitted, distance traveled, etc. The deadline for applications is Monday, November 28. The following outlines the application procedures:

  1. In order to be eligible, you must have blogged for Kritik ( in the last 2 years, have participated in the Unit faculty/grad seminar as a workshop presenter, or have served as a respondent for a Unit event.  Please make sure that your application includes the date of your last post for Kritik.  If you have not yet blogged for Kritik but are signed up to blog for a Fall 2016 event, you are eligible but your grant will be canceled if you do not submit the promised blog in timely fashion. 
  2. To apply, fill out and return the attached application form, along with a letter of acceptance from the conference organizers and a short abstract of your paper.  If you were never given an acceptance letter, you can submit a photocopy of the conference program that lists your name and panel. Mail your completed application to the Unit for Criticism, 100 English, MC-718, ATTN: Travel Grants, or stop by our office to turn it in.
  3. Save and retain all original receipts—do not send them with your application.  If your application is accepted, you will be given the appropriate contact information for reimbursement.  Credit card statements or photocopies of receipts will not be accepted. If this conference is within day trip range (i.e. Chicago, Indianapolis, St. Louis, etc.), you will need to provide verification of an overnight stay.  Also, please note that you cannot be reimbursed for conferences that you have not attended, even if your paper has been accepted and you have paid some money for registration, etc. If you are also applying for and receive support from other sources for the same conference travel, you must have receipts to cover the amounts of both awards; you cannot use the same set of receipts for two awards.

If you are interested in blogging for Kritik in the future, please write to Susan Koshy ( with your idea.  In addition to posts about Unit for Criticism and other campus events, we welcome a wide variety of submissions on topics of broad relevance to theory, culture, and politics. If you have any questions, call us at 333-2581, or email the Unit’s research graduate assistants, Roman ( and Ted (, or the Unit director, Susan Koshy (

Alex Jong-Seok Lee's (Anthropology) response, "Racial Formation Theory Revised (with Semi-Hostile Amendments)" to Paul Taylor's lecture, "What is Philosophical Race Theory?" is now live on Kritik. As always, we welcome your comments.