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Ethan Madarieta's (Comparative and World Literature) response, "Making Haunting Matter" to Mishuana Goeman's lecture, "Electric Lights: Tourist Sights: Gendering Dispossession and Colonial Infrastructure at the Niagara Fall Border" is now live on Kritik. As always, we welcome your comments.

Peter Thompson's (History) excellent response, "Networked Urbanism: Theory and Practice," to the Unit Distinguished Faculty Lecture by Thérèse Tierney (Architecture), "Networked Urbanism: Geographies of Information,'" is now live on Kritik. The video of the lecture will soon be available on our website. As always, we welcome your comments.

The most recent publication from a Unit for Criticism event, a special issue on "Worlding Realisms" is now out in the journal Novel: A Forum on FictionThe publication grew out of a Unit reading group and symposium on "Worlding Realisms." It continues the rich Unit tradition of producing landmark publications.

We are delighted to welcome on board the new Unit faculty affiliates:

Josue David Cisneros (ICR)
Tim Dean (English)
Eduardo Ledesma (Spanish and Portugese)
Ghassan Moussawi (Sociology)
​Eric Pritchard (English)

Debojoy Chanda's (English) fine response, "Is the Postcolonial Also the Post-Revolutionary?" to the lecture by Christopher Taylor (U of Chicago), "Empire and the End of the Postcolonial'" is now live on Kritik. As always, we welcome your comments.