Unit Publications

Books & special issues derived from Unit conferences


Special Issue

"Worlding Realisms" (2016)

Edited by Lauren M. E. Goodlad

Mad Men, Mad World: Sex, Politics, Style and the 1960s (2013)

Edited by Lauren M. E. Goodlad, Lilya Kaganovsky, and Robert A. Rushing


Special issue
Interventions: International Journal of Postocolonial Studies:
"Between Subalternity and Indigeneity" (2011)

Edited by Jodi A. Byrd and Michael Rothberg


Special issue
"States of Welfare" (2011)

Edited by Lauren M. E. Goodlad, Bruce Robbins, and Michael Rothberg


Special issue
Journal of Human Rights:
"Comparative Human Rights: Literature, Art, Politics" (2010)

Edited by Eleni Coundouriotis and Lauren M. E. Goodlad 


Cary Nelson and the Struggle for the University: Poetry, Politics, and the Profession (2009)

Edited by Michael Rothberg and Peter K. Garrett.


Postcolonial Studies and Beyond (2005)

Edited by Ania Loomba, Suvir Kaul, Matti Bunzl, Antoinette Burton, and Jed Esty


Disciplinarity at the Fin de Siecle (2001)

Edited by Amanda Anderson and Joseph Valente


Disciplinarity and Dissent in Cultural Studies (1996)

Edited by Dilip Parameshwar Gaonkar and Cary Nelson


Higher Education Under Fire: Politics, Economics, and the Crisis of the Humanities (1994)

Edited by Michael Berube and Cary Nelson 


Cultural Studies (1991)

Edited by Lawrence Grossberg, Cary Nelson, and Paula Treichler


Marxism and the Interpretation of Culture (1988)

Edited by Lawrence Grossberg and Cary Nelson